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Our Montessori educational programs

Full time

7:30 am to 5:30 pm


7:30 am to 11:30 am


12:00 pm to 5:30 pm
4.5~6 yrs


5:00 pm to 6:00 pm
4~6 yrs

Full Time Program. The ideal way to provide your children with the full benefits of the Montessori education philosophy. Children within this program will receive 4 hours of Montessori education per day, along with an hours' worth of Gym or outdoor activities. They will eat two meals together and share a snack time, all helping to create good social skills amongst each other.

Morning & Afternoon programs. When it's not possible for children to spend the entire day in the full-time programs, we have half-day programs to suit your needs and schedule. The afternoon programs are great for children who attend public school in the mornings as it will provide them with an additional Montessori education in the afternoon. Buses run from select public schools to our facility for afternoon Montessori classes ($100 a month; please check with us for availability) making it convenient for full-time working parents.

Taekwondo program. Parents and students are often eager to find fun, active and educational extracurricular activities. In our case, we are lucky to have the opportunity to work alongside Sky Taekwondo (conveniently located within the same building) to provide a much-needed extra service.

Once you've selected the most appropriate program for your child(ren), please use the Contact us page to arrange a viewing of our facility and to request a copy of the registration documents.


Full time Mornings Kindergarten Taekwondo
7:30 amBreakfast & Activity time 9:00 amCircle 9:15 amMontessori work time 11:30 amGym or Outdoor play 12:00 pmLunch 1:00 pmMontessori work time 3:30 pmGym or Outdoor play 4:00 pmSnack & Activity time 5:30 pmHome time 5:00 pmTaekwondo Instructional time 6:45 pmTaekwondo Activity time 6:00 pmTaekwondo Home time

Taekwondo classes run daily, including on teacher training days and PD Days, during March break & for up to one week of Christmas Break. *The special price is only available to "Just Montessori Inc." students. Learn about our programs Learn more about us Contact us for a viewing F.A.Qs
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