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Preparing our children
for a brighter future

Academics are important to our program, the goal is to foster & enhance each child's natural sense of curiosity, wonder & self motivation.

Just Montessori Inc. follows the educational philosophy of Maria Montessori.

A Montessori classroom is carefully prepared to allow the child to work independently within the limits of the classroom.

Teachers introduce materials and the children are free to choose them, again & again, working and discovering, ultimately mastering ideas. Lessons are given, but the goal is for the children to discover the answers by learning through experience and experimentation to allow for the joy of self-discovery.

Children grow academically in the Montessori environment. They discover an ability to complete complex math problems, recognize the flags of the world, identify geometric shapes, write beautifully and comprehend what they are reading. They will also be given the opportunities to perform at school concerts, explore the world around them on nature walks, and joining us on educational field trips and celebrations.

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Our Montessori educational programs

Full time

7:30 am to 5:30 pm


7:30 am to 11:30 am


12:00 pm to 5:30 pm


5:00 pm to 6:00 pm

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Full Time Program. The ideal way to provide your children with the full benefits of the Montessori education philosophy.

Morning & Afternoon programs. When it's not possible for children to spend the entire day in the full time program we have half day program to suit your needs and schedule.

Taekwondo program. We are lucky enough to have the opportunity to work along side Sky Taekwondo who has arranged an exclusive package deal for Just Montessori students!.

A personal Montessori education

Our director, Christine realized the sincere need of MACTE (Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education) educated Montessori teachers. Since 2015 Christine has seen all too frequently online classes in place of a true full year Montessori education course, and she felt that it simply wasn't providing an adequate educational experience when compared to her 15+ years of teaching the Montessori philosophy of education.

Our director partnered with Margie Chan to establish Just Montessori Inc., a Montessori school that will teach children with the true spirit of the Montessori philosophy.

Photo of our Director Christin Shin, from Just Montessori Inc, a Montessori education facility/school in Edmonton, Alberta.
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Conveniently located in South Edmonton, Alberta

Photos of Just Montessori Inc's facility in Summerside, Edmonton, Alberta.

Our school is located in the upper level of the Sejong Multicultural Center in South Edmonton, which helps to be able to offer the following services for families. Licensed YMCA day care for toddlers aged children. A daily Taekwondo program for students of the ages 4 and above. Kindergarten afternoon bussing (from selected schools) to our facility for only $100 a month, saving money, frustration and headaches.

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